Why should I hire a professional consultant?

If you are recently engaged, you may be asking the question…Is a wedding consultant REALLY necessary? The answer is simple…YES, if you want to enjoy your big day. Your wedding is the one of the most important days of your life. It is something that most of us dream of and look forward to.  We all long to find “the one”.  So now that you have, it’s time to celebrate.  Don’t let the stress of planning and coordinating your wedding day keep you from truly enjoying it.

Did you know that the average wedding requires 250 hours or more to plan? Planning successful weddings is a wedding consultant’s job.  They can save you money, time and stress by providing knowledge and expertise.  You don’t need to waste your valuable time learning how to read an event order, negotiating contracts, or creating room diagrams.  Wedding consultants already know how to do all that and more. They are your Party Planner, Stage Manager, Financial Advisor, Vendor Broker, and Therapist.  Just in case that isn’t enough to convince you, here are some other Frequently Asked Questions when deciding whether to hire a professional consultant or not. 


The Church/venue has an on-site coordinator, isn’t that enough?

An outside professional wedding consultant works for you, representing your best interests. This goes well beyond just being there on your wedding day to set up tables. They are there to answer questions, assist in shopping, recommending vendors, scheduling appointments, and making sure that all the elements of your wedding are exactly how you dreamed they would be. They are there when problems arise on your big day and are prepared to handle anything. An on-site coordinator works for the venue, not for you. They are paid salary by the venue and often make a commission by upselling you. They are most concerned with making sure the event follows the venue’s rules and timeline. They are there to make sure things are set up and delivered but they usually do not stick around from start to finish. Another drawback to relying on just the onsite coordinator is that they often are working more than one event at a time which takes their attention away from you.

I have a friend/relative that said they will coordinate my wedding day.  Is that okay?

Your wedding is something you’ve dreamed of since you were young. If it’s a close relative, they may also have envisioned this day as well.  A friend/relative may feel that they have a right to decide what is best for your wedding instead of doing it your way. In this situation, feelings can get hurt if you try to speak up for yourself. A professional consultant knows when to speak up for you, and doesn’t mind being the one to step in and tell “Aunt Sally” that the favors she thinks are adorable are tacky. Your friend or family member should be free to enjoy your wedding day with you.

Aren’t wedding consultants expensive?

Hiring a professional consultant is actually more affordable than you think.  Not only does a professional consultant allow you to have a stress-free day, they can save you hundreds of dollars. It is their job to establish quality relationships with all the vendors, and because of this they may be able to get you discounts and deals. They also know some of the best ways to save you money which can offset the price of their fee.


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