Get the most out of your wedding dress!


SANTA MONICA, CA–(MARKET WIRE)–Mar 11, 2009 — Hanna Hartnell, known for designing the most daring and glamorous bridal gowns, had a design epiphany as she was creating a collection for the new generation of recessionista brides. Hartnell’s Double Dare Gown allows brides to wear their wedding gown many times beyond their wedding day. For an avowed “greenie,” this revelation had a double impact — not only would the gown she was creating be cost effective — but it was recyclable as well!

Here’s how it works — by simplifying the sensuous elegance inherent to her gowns, she found that the sophisticated construction allowed her to line the gowns in the same silk as the gown itself — but with a different divine color the dress becomes a reversible wedding gown! Available in four different designs, a well placed side slit gives a peek at the gown’s secret life to be lived at some future date… a guest at another’s wedding, a dressy night on the honeymoon or a slow dance on their anniversary. A glorious flower pin made of both colors pulls everything together perfectly on each side.

There are over ninety colors to choose from, so a bride can have her best color… after ivory of course — waiting in the wings to be worn at the right moment. Hanna’s choice of fabric has always been earth friendly — preferring to work with natural silk that’s not only sustainable, but processed by a clean technology.

With a greatly extended life span, the Double Dare Gown is also a sign of the times for those looking for ever-wiser ways to spend the dollar. Not only is this collection priced to fit more modest budgets ($1,200-$1,800), there’s no need to buy an additional gown for the next dressy occasion. What’s more — if you want to cut your gown to dinner length, they’ll be happy to do it for you at Hartnell. What could be Greener or more Financially Sustainable than a reusable, recycled and reduced wedding gown?

Hanna Hartnell’s glamorous history includes creating stunning gowns for Red Carpet galas, White House events and even gowns for the Oscar trophy girls. The exclusive collection of made-to-order bridal and mother of the bride gowns can be found at Hanna’s Santa Monica Studio/Salon. Last year she and her studio were awarded Santa Monica’s Sustainable Business Award from the city’s Chamber of Commerce for Greening her design studio. Great ideas often spring from challenging circumstances — and the Double Dare Gown double dares either fate or fortune to stand in the way of beauty and elegance.

  • Press Release
  • Source: Hartnell
  • On Wednesday March 11, 2009, 2:00 pm EDT
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