Winter Weddings

Just as seasons change, so do wedding trends. With the onset of Winter 2010, wedding colors, flowers, and locations change to suit the demands of the climate. There are some trends, however, that remain popular no matter the season. Brides and grooms everywhere are straying from conventional trends to choices that fit their modern tastes. White is no longer the only color suitable for wedding and reception attire, just as favors are no longer limited to matches and mini bubbles. Creativity and personalization in all areas of wedding planning have become lively substitutes for past conformist standards. Below is a list outlining the top ten wedding trends for winter, as well as the most popular styles brides consistently prefer for their special day.

  1. Colors. Brides are choosing darker and deeper colors for their winter weddings. We suggest that brides use copper and gold tones instead of using the traditional pewters and classic silvers to pull off a beautiful fall wedding. In Winter, expect to see navy, cranberry, and hunter green in reception ballrooms as well.
  2. Flowers. Natural is the way to go now, with varying wildflowers in casually tied bunches. says that many brides are choosing flowers that have a “just picked” look rather than a formal bouquet. Using herbs in your bouquets and centerpieces provides a comfortable atmosphere as well as a sweet fragrance. Regardless of the season, having your guests blow bubbles or throw rose petals rather than rice as you are leaving the church and/or reception hall makes for a more romantic look.
  3. Rehearsal Dinners. Rehearsal dinners have become much more laid back, and many feature a festive theme to make it even more casual. Options include a Hawaiian Luau, a Southern Barbeque, or a Fifties Party.
  4. Children: Attire and Children’s Tables. Flower girls are wearing fairy wings and carrying wands. Still popular are little handbags, flower baskets, ballerina dresses with tutu-like skirts, and A-line dresses. Most ring bearers are still seen in the traditional tux. Having a kid’s table at your reception can really keep children occupied during toasts and those important first two dances. Give the children coloring books, games, or even goodie bags to keep them busy.
  5. Personal Touches. Couples are not just handing out matchbooks and candy anymore. Everything from personalized CDs to bottles of wine with the wedding date and a picture of the couple inscribed on the label are being dispensed at the wedding’s conclusion. Wine glasses, mugs, bath salts, and candles are very popular favor choices as well. Some couples are using calligraphy and colorful paper as place cards at the reception. Remember, almost anything can be printed or monogrammed these days, so be creative.
  6. Many couples are using the entire weekend of their wedding to celebrate by starting on Friday and running through Sunday. This way you are able to spend more time with distant relatives and friends. Couples are heading everywhere this fall. Any location that lets you and your guests take advantage of a view and the season is a great place for a winter wedding. For winter weddings it’s best to select cozy surroundings. Cottages, bed-and-breakfast inns….
  7. Photography. Key word: Candid. Talk to your photographer and ask them to simply walk around with their camera taking shots of everything and anything they see. Posed pictures are always great, but candid pictures “capture the moment.”
  8. Escorts down the aisle. With the diverse combinations of families these days, it is hard to figure out how to handle the issue of escorts. Both father and stepfather or mother and father are now escorting brides (one on each arm) down the aisle to incorporate more than one loved one. Brides are asking grandparents and siblings to take on this responsibility, as well their dogs. This is your chance to honor someone who you admire, who is a loyal friend or an individual who has had an impact on your life, no matter his or her gender or species.
  9. Have fun! This is a trend that never goes out of style. Make sure you make your wedding day a special one. The best way to ensure the day is one you will enjoy is to employ the services of a professional wedding planner, allowing you to hand over all your tasks (not to mention stress!) to someone else on your wedding day. Instead, use the time to take a long bath, a walk, or get much needed massage. Whatever it takes to relax and keep a smile on your face, do it. This is a day you don’t want to spend wrapped up in mindless details! Remember why you are there in the first place and have a great time!

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