Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner:

1. Provides Expertise – To plan, coordinate and direct the complete wedding from planning through execution.

2. Saves Time – The wedding planner has done the research, knows the market, and therefore has the knowledge and expertise to locate sites, venues, rentals, design concepts, products, and procedures that go into planning a dream wedding.

3. Saves Money – The best planners maximize the bride’s buying power with the vendors, know cost-effective methods, and execute secrets of the trade. Yes believe it or not, wedding planner fees often come out in the wash after they have been able to keep you in budget and save you time and money.

4. Keep the peace – Newsflash – Brides don’t REALLY want to be bridezillas, but most of them feel they have to be a little persuasive to ensure things get done properly. Wedding Planners act as a buffer between the bride and the rest of the party. They are often the third party who step-in for the bride in times where vendors dispute, or the salad entrée is late, or just to make that one maverick groomsman listen-up!

5. Solves Problems – Wedding Planners have seen it all and are able to anticipate and identify potential problems, thus avoiding them before they happen.

6. Key Contact – Planners are responsible for the coordination of the day. In short, they will make sure your vendors have the timelines, maps, directions, catering plans, reception schedule, music schedule, seating charts, menu selections, etc, that it takes to make the day run without pause.

7. Most Important – Keeps the bride cool and calm. There is no second chance to have a perfect wedding day. Brides who use planners will walk through the day looking beautiful – because they are smiling – they know things are taken care of.


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  1. Yes!!! You nailed it! Sharing 🙂


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