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#BellaRose- Get Organized

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The most crucial thing for a newly engaged couple to do is get organized. A good wedding planner will help you figure out month-by-month what you need to accomplish, so that you won’t find yourself completely overwhelmed.


Bella Rose- Now Trending in Weddings for 2014 – Simplicity

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-The use of chalkboards, or chalkboard-like design, are being used in invitations, seating and directional signs, guest favors, menus, and place cards.
-For multiple floral arrangements, mason jars do the trick. The jars can be jazzed up with some ribbon, twine, or glitter, to achieve the “casual yet classic” wedding theme guaranteed to inspire.
-“Backyard” wedding themes don’t have to be held in an actual backyard to attain the feel. Pick a neutral location in a park or an open field and keep it seemingly effortless with cute wooden chairs or a homemade arbor.

Bella Rose- Prayer

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You can always pray for someone when you don’t have the ability to help in any other way.

Bella Rose- Kindness

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Being kind is more important than being right….  RIGHT!

Bella Rose- Legalities

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In order to be married, you must live up to the letter of the law; they may vary by state and even city. Research the laws and regulations at your wedding location well in advance of the ceremony so that, come your wedding day, all will be legal.

Bella Rose- Before you sign a contract

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Take the time to read everything thoroughly; if you don’t understand something, ask questions until you do.

Bella Rose- The Engagement

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Engagement parties are optional and may take any form, most often it is a cocktail party or a dinner. It is usually hosted by the bride’s parents. The bride’s father makes the engagement official by proposing a toast when the guests have assembled. Gifts are never obligatory and not expected. The guest list should be restricted to relatives and closest friends, but you can invite whomever you want.

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