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Bella Rose- its hard to invite everyone

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Pick the reception location that’s intimate and only invite family and close friends. You will save money by not including work people and children. Whatever you decide, it always goes a long way to be considerate to others. If people are upset that they aren’t invited, apologize and explain to them that you are having a small wedding and that you just can’t invite everyone. Some will get it; others won’t.


Bella Rose- Now Trending in Weddings for 2014 – Simplicity

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-The use of chalkboards, or chalkboard-like design, are being used in invitations, seating and directional signs, guest favors, menus, and place cards.
-For multiple floral arrangements, mason jars do the trick. The jars can be jazzed up with some ribbon, twine, or glitter, to achieve the “casual yet classic” wedding theme guaranteed to inspire.
-“Backyard” wedding themes don’t have to be held in an actual backyard to attain the feel. Pick a neutral location in a park or an open field and keep it seemingly effortless with cute wooden chairs or a homemade arbor.

Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are small, inexpensive gifts or souvenirs that you present to your guests as a way of saying “thank-you for attending our wedding celebration”. It has become customary to give something in return to your guests that they can keep as a memory of your special day.
Favors don’t have to be large or expensive. Some are elegant, some are practical and some are just plain fun. Choose a favor that reflects your wedding theme in some way.
Once the favors are completed, attach personalized favor tags that include your names and the wedding date printed on them. You can use paper tags or monogrammed ribbons that you either create yourself or purchase from a vendor. Some couples also add a small saying to their tags as well.

Valentine Favor Ideas

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Many couples choose February 14th as their wedding day, incorporating the love and romance associated with this special holiday. Here are 8 favor ideas that you could use for your own Valentine’s Day wedding.
* Jordan Almonds- Place Jordan Almonds in heart shaped boxes or mini-gift bags. Decorate bags or boxes with red heart stickers.
* Hugs and Kisses- Place 2 Hershey Kisses and 2 Hershey Hugs chocolates in tulle. Sprinkle some heart shaped confetti inside. Gather top and tie off with a red curly ribbon and tag: “Hugs and Kisses, from the Mr. and Mrs.”
* Kisses (or Hugs) on a Spoon Place a Hershey Kiss or Hugs chocolate on white plastic spoon. Wrap the end of the spoon in tulle and secure with ribbon. Add a tag: “A spoonful of kisses (or hugs) from the Mr. and Mrs.”
* Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies Bake heart shaped sugar cookies. Dip one half of each cookie in melted chocolate. Write your names and wedding date with red or white icing on top. Wrap in clear cellophane.
* Styrofoam Hearts Wrap 6″ Styrofoam hearts with red ribbon. Use a contrasting ribbon for a bow. Secure bow to one side. Add some sprigs of dried flowers, streaming ribbon and string craft beads. Add a small loop on back for hanging.
* Champagne Classes and Cinnamon Hearts Buy small plastic champagne glasses and fill with red cinnamon hearts. Wrap top of glass in tulle, secure with red ribbon around stem.
* Long-Stemmed Red Silk Rose Give each guest a long-stemmed red silk rose. Very elegant.
* CD or Tape of Favorite Love Songs Record your favorite love songs and present a copy to your guests.

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