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Bella Rose- talking to your guests, very important

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Although this is the bride and groom’s special day, they need to be gracious and talk to every guest who attends. Take some time during the reception to make the rounds, stopping off at each table or cluster of guests and say a few kind words. Thank everyone for sharing this special day and let them know how much it means for them to be there.


Bella Rose- the night before your wedding, don’t be out too late

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Your friends and family might think it’s fun to take you out the night before your wedding, but this can be a huge mistake. Remember that you’ll have more photos taken on this day than most others in their life, and you don’t want big, dark bags under your eyes or even worse hung over.

Bella Rose- don’t put off saying Thank You!

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No one expects you to write thank you notes during your honeymoon, but make that a priority for when you return. The sooner you do it the less likely you are to forget. Both the bride and the groom should share in this responsibility.

Bella Rose- putting family on the back burner

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Don’t forget about your families when planning the wedding, reception, and gifts. They are the people who have sacrificed the most to get you to this day. Do as much to include them in the ceremony as possible, and give them something special to remember the occasion. The bride and groom’s parents should have a special place of honor during both the wedding and the reception.

Bella Rose- What to expect from your wedding consultant

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* Referral of ceremony and reception location
* Help select and oversee all the suppliers and vendors you will hire and you reap the benefits of the discounts your planner gets for the referral.
* Coordinate communication between and among the vendors, suppliers and sites for ceremony and reception.
* Serve as a referee, friend, budget adviser and watcher, etiquette expert, shopper, detail manager and organizer.
* Coordinate your rehearsal with the officiant
* Supervise all the last minute details of your wedding day (so you don’t have to).

*Ensure that all of your wedding desires and dreams are met!


Bella Rose- Life’s Lessons

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Sometimes we can learn from what others have been through, so take a moment to reflect on valuable lessons learned by others, and be amazed.

Bella Rose- Be an Appreciator

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Be an appreciator of the seemingly small things in life, a kind word, a beautiful flower, a few hours of unstructured time, a laughing child, for it is the small things that become the fabric of your life.

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